From the President

We have moved to new office building Dear Readers, First of all, let me take this opportunity to share with you all a good news – we have now moved to our own office building. Yes, we have now shifted to our new office building, adjacent to the old location…..Read More

NEFEJ and Pratical Action push for resilience building

NEFEJ has recently completed the project "Media Engagement to inspire Decision makers on resilience building" in association with Practical Action. Under the media engagement project, a total of six reports were produced. Mr. Tika Bandhan, Ms. Pragati Dhakal and Ms. Sujata Karki carried out five reports and they were published…..Read More

NEFEJ concludes field visit for Evidence-based Media Advocacy

A field visit was carried out by NEFEJ team starting from 17th September 2020 to 8th October 2020. The field visit was carried out under the "Evidence Based Media Advocacy on Biodiversity Conservation, and Sustainable Development" project in association with Hariyo Ban Program Phase II- WWF Nepal. A team including…..Read More

NEFEJ provides fellowship to raise issue on Poor People’s Energy Access

September 27: NEFEJ, in partnership with Practical Action, provided fellowships to eight journalists to raise the issue of energy access among the poor people. Under this fellowship, four male journalists and four female journalists from four provinces of Nepal were involved in producing news stories based on the theme "Poor…..Read More

NEFEJ produces research-based media outreach materials

6th September- NEFEJ has recently completed the "Implementing the research findings at Municipality level (capacity building of local governments)" Project in partnership with Practical Action. NEFEJ produced eight online stories, six radio episodes and one special video report for this project. All the media outreach materials produced under this project…..Read More

NEFEJ building taking a final shape

NEFEJ is set to move to its own office building in a few months time, as the construction of the three-story building is taking a final shape in Bhanimandal of Lalitpur where it has its temporary office at present. After the plastering from all sides, the construction workers are currently…..Read More

NEFEJ organizes Virtual Scoping Workshop to identify issues and best practices from CHAL and TAL

August 23, 2020- On 23rd August 2020, NEFEJ had organized a virtual scoping workshop along with the support from Hariyo Ban Program, WWF so as to identify the issues and best practices related to biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable development from two major landscapes; TAL and CHAL. Santosh…..Read More

Manage solid waste using the model of waste to resources (Press Release)

SITUATION ASSESSMENT AND BEST PRACTICES OF SELECTED MUNICIPALITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR WASTE INTO RESOURCE PRESS RELEASE Solid waste management is one of the priority areas identified as part of developing clean cities and has been taken into the top priorities of the Local Authorities (LA) as it directly impacts on…..Read More