Water sources drying up due to construction of Modi Khola Hydropower Project: Report

The production of fish and the quantity of drinking water has decreased due to the hydropower project being constructed in Modi River of Parbat, a report stated. The report prepared by Nepal Forum of Environment Journalists (NEFEJ) pertaining to environmental effect caused by the construction of Modi Khola Hydropower Project…..Read More

Media Literacy Training

From 15 th to 18 th September 2019, NEFEJ along with the support from Free Press Unlimited, The Netherlands, organized a Media Literacy Training to develop media literacy lesson plan for school children aged 12 to 15 years so that they can critically evaluate the media content. A total of…..Read More

NEFEJ holds 34th General Assembly

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists held its 34th General Assembly meeting on Friday. The NEFEJ has been working in the area of sustainable development, forest and environmental conservation and minimizing climate change. Radio Sagarmath, Hakahaki online, video magazine Aankhijhyal, video program Nayapusta, among other programs are run under NEFEJ. Unveiling…..Read More

Conservationists warn against construction of cable car and resorts in Shivapuri National Park

Conservationists have warned that the construction of safari cable car and resort at Shivapuri National Park, regarded as the lifeline of Kathmandu, would invite serious environmental impacts in the Valley. The conservationists showed their concern after the government plans to operate cable cars in three places of Shivapuri National Park.…..Read More

Nepal to raise issues of floods and inundation with India (with video)

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali has said that the Nepal government would raise the issues of flooding and inundation and various infrastructure constructed by the Indian government during the Nepal-India Joint Commission meeting. The Foreign Minister said so during a program organized by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ)…..Read More

´╗┐NEFEJ conducting research on fake news

Discussion with people of Tangiya Basti Bara, basti will shift from there before second international airport (SIA) Nijgadh's construction starts. The spread of fake news has been one of the major challenges of present time.  So, we have started to conduct research to identity the fake news concerning some development…..Read More