NEFEJ conducting research on fake news

Discussion with people of Tangiya Basti Bara, basti will shift from there before second international airport (SIA) Nijgadh's construction starts. The spread of fake news has been one of the major challenges of present time.  So, we have started to conduct research to identity the fake news concerning some development…..Read More

NEFEJ widens the scope of media monitoring

NEFEJ launched media monitoring project in 2018. This monitoring aims to dig out the qualitative and quantitative aspects of environmental news published in major daily newspapers. In previous year, our monitoring was confined within the broadsheet newspaper publishing from Kathmandu.  This year, four national dailies from central; and one local daily…..Read More

Hakahaki online pushes for wider and consultative law-making process

Kathmandu - As the country’s lawmaking process gains momentum in line with the constitution promulgated in 2015, the government has come up with a new draft of laws that are now being deliberated in the parliament. In this context, some laws regarding forest and environment are under the scrutiny of…..Read More

In-house capacity building training for local radio stations

Nepal forum of environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) organized a one day radio journalists’ capacity building in reporting environment and watershed issues at the respective radio stations. The main objectives of this training was tocapacitate local radio stations to developthe radio magazine program on environment and watershed issues. Specific objectives includes 1.…..Read More

Stakeholder meeting

On 23 rd June- 2019, a stakeholder meeting was organized in NEFEJ so as to discuss about gender and inclusive energy issues and also for utilizing all media outlets of NEFEJ to send the message to wider audience. The first stakeholder meeting was organized among the members of NEFEJ, journalists…..Read More

Opportunity for Journalists

NEFEJ has announced a call for proposal for six journalists to report about gender and inclusive energy issues. Four national level journalists and two radio journalists from partner radios will be provided with fellowship to publish, broadcast and circulate media content through their respective media outlets.The fellowship opportunity will help…..Read More

Radio Sagarmatha celebrates 23rd anniversary

Radio Sagarmatha, the flagship community radio station run by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ), celebrated its 23rd anniversary on May 22. On the occasion, NEFEJ organized an informal gathering at its premises inviting its past presidents, past station managers and other invitees. Deputy Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Gita…..Read More

NEFEJ presses for preservation of open space in the Kathmandu Valley

Nepal Forum of Environment Journalists (NEFEJ) drew the attention of the government over ending the increasing encroachment of Khula Manch, in the heart of the Capital, under various pretexts and the actions and reactions generated by it. Issuing a press release, NEFEJ said, “NEFEJ is seriously concerned over the encroachment…..Read More