European Union’s cooperation for Nepal on Climate Change; EU Ambassador Nona Deprez

  • Published Date : October 31, 2021

22nd October 2021: Nona Deprez, the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Nepal, confirmed the European Union’s interest to work with Nepal on renewable energy, energy efficiency, green jobs and economic growth, forest development, human capital development, sustainable tourism, climate smart agriculture and others likewise.

NEFEJ Aankhijhyal Team carried out a special interview with EU Ambassador to Nepal Nona Deprez to talk about climate change, COP26, EU’s cooperation to Nepal to protect its environment, with special focus on climate change. Speaking on the European Green Deal, she shared that she is very proud of the European Union’s leadership which is leading the world to become the first climate neutral continent in the world by 2050. She said, “For us the European Green Deal is really just a very modern growth strategy. We think that the recovery from COVID-19 can go hand in hand and should go hand in hand with a just transition to climate neutral economy and societies for the benefit of our planet, of our environment and the health of our people. So obviously we cannot do this on our own.”

The European Union has been supporting Nepal in the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contributions. Discussing on the Nepal’s NDC, she shared that Nepal’s NDC plan is excellent. However, she stressed, ” The issue I saw often everywhere in the world is in the NDC implementation. That’s the most crucial part of it.”

The special interview was broadcast in Aankhijhyal 1251 and a special radio report was also prepared by Radio Sagarmatha.