NEFEJ’s building construction and Progress Commitments

  • Published Date : August 2, 2021

23rd July, 2021: NEFEJ organized a program to discuss on the building construction and progress commitments on Friday. During the program, there was a participation of NEFEJ’s former executives and the current executive committee.

Speaking on the building construction of NEFEJ, Former President Aaditya Man Shrestha said,” Environmental Forums have not been able to construct its own building anywhere in the world. This is a big achievement from NEFEJ.” Similarly, Former President Bhairav Rijal shared his happiness that NEFEJ became successful in constructing its own building.

In the meantime, the former and current executives of NEFEJ mourned for the recent demise of its valued member Binaya Gurbacharya. Similarly, discussions were held to explore the organization’s progress and its strategies for the future.

The program ended with gratitude towards Bagmati Province-Nepal Government and the Finnish Government who supported the organization to construct its own building. Similarly, the organization thanked former Press Advisor Surya Thapa and all its members who directly contributed for the building construction along with the members who renewed their memberships for 10 years so as to support for fund collection.