Manage solid waste using the model of waste to resources (Press Release)

SITUATION ASSESSMENT AND BEST PRACTICES OF SELECTED MUNICIPALITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR WASTE INTO RESOURCE PRESS RELEASE Solid waste management is one of the priority areas identified as part of developing clean cities and has been taken into the top priorities of the Local Authorities (LA) as it directly impacts on…..Read More

Solid Waste Management In Selected Municipalities (Research Report)

Situation assessment, best practices and opportunities for waste to resource..Read More

Implementation status of Environment Management Plan of Melamchi Drinking Water Project – Press release

Two people have died due to an accident inside the tunnel within a week of the governments' testing the tunnel to bring a total of 510 million liters of drinking water per day from Melamchi, Yangri and Larke rivers at the rate of 170 million each. The Ministry of Water…..Read More

HakaHaki Online concludes promotional meeting with Civil Society Organizations

On 29th July 2020, a promotional meeting for Hakahaki Online and Radio Sagarmatha was carried out at NEFEJ office, Bhanimandal, Ringroad, Lalitpur. The meeting was organized so as to build networking with CSO's for future collaborations. Representatives from HakaHaki online, Radio Sagarmatha, READ Nepal, NSET Nepal, Sath Sath, CWISH, CWIN…..Read More

Promotional meeting with media advertising agencies for hakahakionline and radio sagarmatha

NEFEJ organized a half day interaction promotional meeting with media advertising agency on Tuesday July 9 2020, for promoting and radio sagarmatha. Where representative from five media advertising agency were participated. The event was started informally by self-introducing and moderated by Durga Karki, Project Coordinator of Strategic Partnership program…..Read More

Environmental Impacts of Melamchi Water Supply Project (Report)

Environmental Impacts of Melamchi Water Supply Project (State of Implementation of Environmental Management Plan) [pdf-embedder url="" title="Final Melamchi Report Eng 06-160420 (1)"]..Read More

मेलम्ची खानेपानी आयोजनाबाट सिर्जित वातावरणीय प्रभाव (रिपोर्ट)

मेलम्ची खानेपानी आयोजनाबाट सिर्जित वातावरणीय प्रभाव (वातावरण व्यवस्थापन योजनाको कार्यान्वयनको अवस्था) [pdf-embedder url="" title="Final FINAL Melamchi Nep Report"]..Read More

NEFEJ distributes protective equipment to media persons

Kathmandu, May 11 (Face to Face)– Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) distributed Protective Equipment and health-based products to reporters and photo journalists who are working in the front line to report on the current affairs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reflecting on the organizational responsibility, the Forum has distributed these…..Read More