HakaHaki Online concludes promotional meeting with Civil Society Organizations

  • Published Date : July 31, 2020

On 29th July 2020, a promotional meeting for Hakahaki Online and Radio Sagarmatha was carried out at NEFEJ office, Bhanimandal, Ringroad, Lalitpur. The meeting was organized so as to build networking with CSO’s for future collaborations. Representatives from HakaHaki online, Radio Sagarmatha, READ Nepal, NSET Nepal, Sath Sath, CWISH, CWIN and Equal Access had participated in the meeting.

During the event, the representatives from the Civil Society shared about their previous collaborations with Radio Sagarmatha and the success of the undertaken projects. Media Officer from CWIN Pramila Manandhar shared the importance of good networking for future collaborations. Astha Palikhey Rai from Sath Sath shared that she feels NEFEJ media outlets to be more reliable source of media.

The meeting concluded with the civil societies expressing their interest in working together with online media and radio.