NEFEJ distributes protective equipment to media persons

  • Published Date : May 11, 2020

Kathmandu, May 11 (Face to Face)– Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) distributed Protective Equipment and health-based products to reporters and photo journalists who are working in the front line to report on the current affairs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reflecting on the organizational responsibility, the Forum has distributed these materials to reporters from daily newspapers, television journalists and photo journalists.

Considering the health and safety of the journalists who are reporting from the field on the COVID-19 crisis and its confirmed infections, the protective equipment and health-based products was distributed. NEFEJ President Kosmos Bishwokarma handed over the protective equipment to the media persons during an unofficial program held on Monday at NEFEJ premises. For this, the organization provided one set of PPE, hand sanitizer, mask and gloves to one reporter and one photo journalist from each media organization.

NEFEJ President Bishwokarma shared that the media persons can only disseminate fact news when they are in good health and fact news has a significant role in the monitoring and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic.“NEFEJ has taken this initiative to protect the health of the media persons as they are at high risk. Fact news can only be published or broadcast when the journalists are healthy.” Bishwokarma said after handing over the protective equipment to the journalists.

NEFEJ distributed the protective equipment to the media persons along with the financial support from Netherland-based partner organization Free Press Unlimited (FPU). Similarly, NEFEJ has also been carrying out various activities for the health and safety of the journalists working in the frontline to report on the current pandemic situation. During the program, NEFEJ has also drawn attention of the relevant stakeholders towards this issue.