Orientation program held for district correspondents

  • Published Date : September 1, 2021

29th August, 2021 Kathmandu: With the major focus on the upcoming 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference which is scheduled to be held in the city of Glasgow, Scotland starting from 1st November till 12th November 2021, Government of Nepal Ministry of Forests and Environment organized an orientation program for local level journalists from all seven provinces on Roadmap to COP26 to facilitate them to report on COP26 and the climate change issues from their respective areas. NEFEJ along with UKAID, OPM and PIF supported Government of Nepal on this.

Journalists from all seven provinces belonging to different media outlets such as Kantipur TV, Karobar Daily, Blast Daily, Radio Taplejung, Ujjyalo Online, Green Madhesh Daily, BBC, Mithilanchal F.M., tukhabar, Kalinchowk FM, everestawaj.com, RSS, Kantipur Daily, Sunstar Weekly, Annapurna Post, Radio Jaljala FM, Sajha Bisauni Daily, Yarsanews.com, Nagarik Daily, Malika Today Weekly and Naya Nepal FM had participated during the orientation program. The orientation program, moderated by journalist Subodh Gautam, was organized using the virtual zoom platform.

Expert Rajan Kazi Thapa from DanChurchAid Nepal gave his expert presentation on climate change, its impact and our role. With the information on the global carbon dioxide emissions scenario region-wise and from different economic sectors, he explained about Nepal’s stand on the climate change issue. Editor for Shikshyak Monthly Rajendra Dahal said, “Journalists should not just focus their reporting on the opinions of the experts but they should dig out the issues themselves and then form the basis for their reporting.” Similarly, Expert Raju Pandit Chhetri from Prakriti Resources Center gave a presentation on Climate Change and COP26. He briefly explained on the history of COP, how it works and linking it with Nepal’s context.

Under Secretary- Climate Change Management Division of Ministry of Forests and Environment Arun Prakash Bhatta said, “It is important to assess the region-wise climate change impact so as to build resilience against the change.” Furthermore, he added that Nepal aims to present all the good initiatives undertaken by different sectors in the COP26 with the aim to leave no one behind.

Joint Secretary- Climate Change Management Division of Ministry of Forests and Environment Dr. Radha Wagle said, “COP26 this year is even more strategic as it has been five years since the Paris Agreement and IPCC has recently published its sixth Assessment Report. Climate Change has already created an alarming situation and this is the right time to implement actions for its mitigation.” Lastly, journalist Subodh Gautam informed that one journalist from each province will be provided with fellowships. He shared that the journalists will be selected on the basis of the story ideas that they provide.