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Hakahaki.org is an online portal of Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) that brings its readers up-to-date information on environmental issues from around the world.

From a poster-size wall newspaper to a magazine and from a high-standard magazine to now a news portal, NEFEJ has come a long way in its endeavor to create awareness on the issues of environment and sustainable development.

Apart from delivering thought-provoking news stories, we have made a name for ourselves as a vital source of information and opinions on environmental issues. Our focus is to provide stories with fresh and unique perspectives. Along with environmental issues, we are focusing on broader development issues as well.

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First, our priority is to dig out the stories at grass-root level from our writers and stringers based in various parts of the country. Once the story is raised, our next priority would be to approach policy makers asking them to take up the pressing environmental scene at local levels. At the same time, we approach politicians to draw their attention about the environmental issues.

This approach, we believe, would be instrumental to address the problems seen in environmental sector.  Our online has also become a resource center for the mainstream media as well. There are dozens of instances of mainstream media following our news stories, and we count this as our success.

When government announces any infrastructure projects, our first priority would be to see project from the environmental perspectives. For instance, when the issue of construction of Nijgad International Airport was put forth by Ministry of Tourism, we rushed to find out the environmental consequences of the project and we sought EIA report.

However, it was not difficult to get the EIA report initially. We filed an application using some provisions of Right to Information Act (RTI) and report was finally received. On the basis of the report, we published several stories in our online. Journalists from mainstream media started to approach us to get the EIA report and we provided them the report. This is just an example; there are other several issues on which Hakahaki team has taken a lead.

Our priority is to highlight the current burning environmental issues of the world. We translate international environmental issues on a daily basis which helps Nepali readers to know about the latest environmental issues that world is facing today.

After painstaking efforts, we succeeded in transforming our online into a multi-media news portal. We update multi-media stories on a daily basis and we are receiving a good feedback. As we have just entered into second year, we are planning to carry out more in-depth and analytical stories. This year, we plan to enhance our multi-media capacity.

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