Hakahaki online pushes for wider and consultative law-making process

  • Published Date : July 4, 2019

Kathmandu – As the country’s lawmaking process gains momentum in line with the constitution promulgated in 2015, the government has come up with a new draft of laws that are now being deliberated in the parliament. In this context, some laws regarding forest and environment are under the scrutiny of stakeholders and concerned agencies.

In this context, Hakahaki online is serving as a platform for discussions on the contents of draft laws. We are providing the opinions and comments of experts and stakeholders through news, interviews and opinions.

Similarly, fresh attempts have been made to allow private sector to operate hotels and resorts inside the national park which are very sensitive in terms of bio-diversity. We have reached out to the experts to know the environmental impacts of such initiatives in our bio-diversity.

At the same time, as the government brings the plan to plant maximum number of trees across the country, we are advocating for a concrete plan for the follow-up of such campaign ensuring proper care of the plants. 

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