Stakeholder meeting

  • Published Date : July 2, 2019

On 23 rd June- 2019, a stakeholder meeting was organized in NEFEJ so as to discuss about gender and inclusive energy issues and also for utilizing all media outlets of NEFEJ to send the message to wider audience. The first stakeholder meeting was organized among the members of NEFEJ, journalists and energy experts while the second one was organized with the participation of Executive Board members of NEFEJ.

Being a consortium partner for Green and Inclusive Energy (GIE) Programme, NEFEJ has the responsibility to highlight gender and energy issues in their media content. The stakeholders meeting, therefore, focused on utilizing all of its outlets like Radio Sagarmatha, Aankhijhyal, NayaPusta and Hakahaki online portal to carry out the message to the wider audience.

The meeting concluded that NEFEJ would draw attention to gender and energy issues by producing media content portraying the success stories and highlighting entrepreneurship development through energy use. The dissemination of the media content will be done by using all the media outlets of NEFEJ. Likewise, NEFEJ will also prioritize gender and energy issues in their everyday media content as well.