Radio Sagarmatha celebrates 23rd anniversary

  • Published Date : June 4, 2019

Radio Sagarmatha, the flagship community radio station run by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ), celebrated its 23rd anniversary on May 22. On the occasion, NEFEJ organized an informal gathering at its premises inviting its past presidents, past station managers and other invitees.

Deputy Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Gita Satyal and Ward Chairperson of Ward no. 4 of Lalitpur Narayan Kc were the special invitees.

NEFEJ’ past presidents Bhairav Risal and Krishna Prasad Sigdyal cut the birthday cake to mark the occasion.

During the informal gathering, the past presidents and senior members of the organization stressed on the need to revive the radio station to its old glory by redesigning the programs, making it more community-oriented.

Earlier in the morning, President of NEFEJ and Chairman of the Radio Management Board Kosmos Biswokarma gave a message on the radio reitering NEFEJ’ commitment to consolidate the station as the real community radio.

Along with the changing times, Radio Sagarmatha too has evolved since its inception, he said, adding, “We clearly understand that the number of listeners will decrease if the programs are not changed to meet the demand of the time.”

Here’s the full text of the message by NEFEJ President and Chairman of Radio Sagarmatha Management Board Kosmos Biswokarma

Radio Sagarmatha was established on May 22, 1997. Today, it has completed 22 years. Radio Sagarmatha, which started airing its programs for just two hours, is now on air for 16 hours a day.

I realize time is very powerful. And, time keeps changing. Now, it has already been 22 years since we began to go on air. Radio Sagarmatha has built its reputation by overcoming various ups and downs and challenges during these years.

Radio Sagarmatha, which was established as the first independent community radio broadcasting station in South Asia, is a history in itself. Since then, there are more than 350 community-based radios being operated in Nepal at present.

There is no doubt that Radio Sagarmatha had played an instrumental role for the development of radio stations in Nepal. Almost all the community radio stations in Nepal are being operated with the help of Radio Sagarmatha.

For this, not only Radio Sagarmatha, but the Community Radio Support Center run by NEFEJ has played a key role in the development of community radio stations in Nepal. This Center has not only provided technical assistance for the development of community radios but also played an important role in the capacity building of radio journalists and program producers across the country.

Radio Sagarmatha has also been changing with the change in time. The programs being broadcast in Radio Sagarmatha have also been changing according to the time. We clearly understand that the number of listeners will decrease if the programs are not changed to meet the demand of the time.

We have realized that radio programs should be modified as per the necessity of the country and changing situation. Radio Sagarmatha has always been playing a leading role to raise awareness among general public on the issues of environment conservation and sustainable development.

We have also realized that we should focus more on quality work to have a positive impact at the policy level. That is why, we even expressed our commitment to raise our major agendas effectively in the coming days. 

And, more than that, we feel that we need to make Radio Sagarmatha a real community radio of the Kathmandu Valley to be voice of the communities living in the Valley. Though running a community radio is not an easy task, we have felt the need to modify the programs of Radio Sagarmatha to effectively raise the issues and problems of the community and also find and suggest proper solutions to them.

Radio Sagarmatha has always been fighting for press freedom and right to information. And, it will continue to do so in the coming days also.  

On this occasion, I would like to remember all the colleagues who have been involved in Radio Sagarmatha for the past 22 years and contributed in developing the station. I feel proud when I see journalists who had started their carrier from Radio Sagarmatha are today established and renowned radio journalists of the country.

We are thankful to our seniors who played an instrumental role in establishing Radio Sagarmatha. Today, Radio Sagarmatha has completed 22 years due to their continuous efforts and we vow to work constantly in the coming days towards fulfilling their dreams.

And, last but not the least, I would like to thank all the donor agencies and advertising agencies, colleagues in Radio Sagarmatha and the listeners for their continuous support and guidance.