NEFEJ Publication

  • Published Date : March 13, 2019

For the better management of it’s publications and periodicals, NEFEJ decided to establish Publication Department (PD) in March 2000.

With the number of publications growing every year, the role of the PD has become even more important as information management has been one of the major focus areas of the organization. PD has the best professionals available in Nepal as its team member.

PD has all those facilities needed for pre-press work and usually hires best professionals available in Nepal to work in special subjects. NEFEJ, at present, brings out magazines, booklets and other publications on various issues important in their own way. PD works with the spirit that print medium is the best medium when it comes to raise awareness among the Nepalese people. The PD sticks to Nepali language.

The motto of the PD is “quality not the quantity.” PD regularly publishes a monthly magazine which goes by the name of “Haka-Haki” (Hard Talk) & Face-to-Face in english edition. It also publishes books and booklets on environment and sustainable development related issues.