NEFEJ produces documentary highlighting Climate Change Adaptation

  • Published Date : May 2, 2021

NEFEJ has recently produced a video documentary highlighting climate change adaptation in the Terai plains of Nepal. Amid the rising concerns over the climate change phenomena globally, the documentary entitled “Climate Change-friendly agricultural practice for adaptation” was produced focusing on the livelihoods of the lowland farmers highly affected due to change in temperature and rainfall patterns. It highlights the climate change-friendly agricultural practices implemented by the farming communities to address climate change and promote local food security.

The documentary brings out the commendable initiatives of the local farming communities from Siraha and Udaypur so as to highlight the importance of climate change adaptation. Farmers from both the districts were interviewed to understand their challenges and highlight the initiatives carried out by them for adaptation purpose. The video documentary was broadcast through NEFEJ flagship program “Aankhijhyal” on 24th April 2021 in its 1224th episode.

NEFEJ produced the video documentary in collaboration with Clean Energy Nepal under the project “Participatory NDCs for a climate just response in a COVID-19 world”.