NEFEJ provides fellowships to journalists with EU support

  • Published Date : April 1, 2021

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) has provided fellowships to few environmental journalists to provide multi-media stories on climate change impact and Nepal’s efforts to adapt to it and mitigate, with support from the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Nepal.

Climate change has been one of the pertinent working issues for NEFEJ and it has been conducting various activities to raise public awareness on the issue. It has been working with national and international donors, various government and non-government partners to disseminate messages on climate change. Mostly, the activities are designed to capacitate the journalists so that they can come up with in-depth stories from the field. In order to inspire them to bring good reports on those underdog issues, NEFEJ offers regular fellowships which proved as one of the effective means to bring innovative stories, success stories, and resilient practices from the field.

Thus, the EU in Nepal has supported NEFEJ in producing multi-media stories throughout 2021 and disseminate to wider audience. As per the understanding, NEFEJ will produce stories for print, radio, television and online media.

Under the program, eight journalists working in different media and have been actively involved in environmental journalism have been selected for the fellowship.

Here’s the link of the first story produced under the program:

पुस्ता वित्दा चौरी पालन पनि विस्थापित बन्दै