From the President

  • Published Date : December 2, 2020

We have moved to new office building

Dear Readers,
First of all, let me take this opportunity to share with you all a good news – we have now moved to our own office building. Yes, we have now shifted to our new office building, adjacent to the old location where we had been renting out a building for our activities. We, however, are still in a moving mode, as many things are being carried out to set up the office properly. This could take some time, as the Covid-19 pandemic also affected our overall planning.

Talking about Covid-19, like all other organizations, we too have faced the impact. The programs have become difficult to come by, as most of the donor agencies and international partner organizations have shifted their focus on Covid-19 instead of environment conservation and sustainable development. Despite that, we are moving ahead well with whatever programs we have to meet our basic objective – to make the general public aware about the importance of preserving our environment and promoting sustainable development.

Having an own office space, after 35 years of its inception, is in itself an achievement. This would not only improve our performance as environmental activists but will also boost our confidence in carrying out our work as communication professionals in an effective manner. But, physical space alone would not be enough to carry out our activities. We definitely need more activities and programs.

As you all know, NEFEJ is a team of well-known journalists and communication professionals and it can implement any work related to communication. From producing television and radio programs to carrying out field-based media research, from organizing workshops to providing training to journalists, from holding dialogues on important environmental and social issues to producing evidence-based in-depth and investigative stories and opinion articles, we at NEFEJ can carry out these works in a professional manner.

Hence, we call upon all our development partners to let us know of any programs or activities that we could tie up with which would help improve the knowledge on environment conservation and sustainable development. We are open to ideas and cooperation.

Until next time, stay connected.