Eleven Stringers participate in NayaPusta Workshop

  • Published Date : March 3, 2020

February, 2020- A three-day workshop was organized by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) in Bhanimandal, Ringroad, Lalitpur from 26th to 28th February, 2020 with the participation of 11 journalists from 11 different districts of Nepal. The workshop was organized with the aim to facilitate the journalists to report on children issue from their respective districts for the NayaPusta Program. NayaPusta Program produces news contents targeting children of age group 10-18 years of age.

The workshop included knowledge and experience sharing from Rajesh Ghimire (Editor in Chief, NayaPusta), Salina Upreti (Reporter, NayaPusta), Renuka Acharya (Reporter, NayaPusta), Mohan KC (Senior Cameraperson, NEFEJ), Rabindra Raj Pandey (Director, Audio Visual Department, NEFEJ), Chhori Laxmi Maharjan (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Director, Nepal Youth Foundation Nepal), Sarun Tuladhar (Senior Video Editor, NEFEJ), Bhaskar SJB Rana (Video Editor, NEFEJ) and Jeevan Adhikari (Video Editor, NEFEJ. Rajesh Ghimire gave a presentation to highlight NayaPusta, identification of child issues and looking at issues through child perspective. Similarly, Salina Upreti and Renuka Acharya shared their experiences as well as tips and tricks to help the journalists while working to raise child issues. Likewise, Mohan KC shared some important camera skills to the participants so that they will be able to take good video for the reports. Likewise, Rabindra Raj Pandey highlighted some editing tips to the journalists so that they capture videos accordingly. Lastly, Chhori Laxmi Maharjan shared some tips for child sensitive journalism and requested the journalists not to re-traumatize the child victims during the interviews. For this, she shared that the journalists should come up with open ended questions.

The next day, three different groups of journalists were formed. Each group was assigned to brainstorm an issue for NayaPusta and present the issue. After receiving suggestions, the three groups finalized their issue and went to field to capture videos and interview children. Afterwards, each group came up with a script and carried out visual logging.

On the last day, all the journalists gathered in the Editing room, narrated their scripts and edited their footage to produce a final report. Concluding, all the participants received certificate for their active participation during the program. The workshop ended with ending remarks from Kosmos Bishwokarma (President, NEFEJ) and Nimesh Regmi (General Secretary, NEFEJ).

The three reports produced by the three groups of journalists will be aired through NayaPusta.