Media Literacy Training

  • Published Date : September 20, 2019

From 15 th to 18 th September 2019, NEFEJ along with the support from Free Press Unlimited, The Netherlands, organized a Media Literacy Training to develop media literacy lesson plan for school children aged 12 to 15 years so that they can critically evaluate the media content. A total of 21 participants which included NayaPusta Reporters, teachers and students from different schools had participated in the training program. Two experts, Esther Van Rijswijk and Emma Bergmans from the FPU had facilitated the training program.

On the first day of the training, a short discussion was carried out regarding the interests of children these days. A brainstorming session was held where teachers and journalists were divided into different groups and each group gave their ideas regarding the different issues of media literacy that we want to cover through our lesson plan. The next day, the detail discussion was done on various issues which could be carried out as the core topic of lesson plan, after which one topic was selected. The reporters and teachers then teamed up with each other to make a detailed lesson plan. The teachers gave ideas about the format of a lesson plan while the reporters added the issues which they want to teach their children through the media literacy lessons. On the third day of the program, the lesson plan was finalized with a lot of details so that any reporter going to the schools will be able to teach the children with the content very easily. Continuing, Ms. Salina Uprety and Ms. Renuka Acharya, reporters from NayaPusta, prepared a presentation based on the lesson plan which they would be taking to the classroom. Similarly, Mr. Rajesh Ghimire, Editor-in-chief- NayaPusta, prepared a presentation for other journalists so that they can also go to the schools and teach children about media literacy.

Additional two students from Bageshwori Secondary School and one teacher from Akshara School attended the training on the last day. The reporters from NayaPusta gave their presentation to the children and asked them to recommend changes in the content as well as the style of presentation. The presentation was then modified by incorporating the suggestions made by the school children. Next, Mr. Rajesh Ghimire, Editor-in-chief- NayaPusta, gave his presentation to two journalists from Radio Sagarmatha so that they will be able to teach the lesson content prepared by the teachers and reporters.

With the words of best wishes from Mr. Bal Krishna Simkhada, Department of Education, Esther Van Rijswijk- Facilitator and Ms. Emma Bergmans- Facilitator of the training, the closing ceremony included the concluding notes from Mr. Kosmos Bishwokarma, President-NEFEJ.