Round Table on Downstream Impact, Preparedness and Adaptation in Karnali Watershed

  • Published Date : June 4, 2019

NEFEJ organized a round table discussion on March 26, 2019 at Chisapani, Kailali, day before 3rd National River Summit, 2019. The main agenda for the discussion was impact on environmental, social, cultural, financial and aquatic biodiversity of lower Karnali watershed including dialogue on the pre-planning, restoration, conservation and management strategies of the watershed.

During the round table, issues-oriented interactive and two-way discussions were held between the affected communities and the government representatives. In the discussion, local people and affected groups put forward their problems and issues which were then addressed by the concerned stakeholders.

The round table discussion was attended by community people including the representatives from local, provincial, and central governments. In total, there were 100 attendees.

Upon the agreement of all the parties involved in the discussion, following commitments were agreed:

  1. Management of river bed mining,
  2. Strictly conduct Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)/ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and follow its recommendation before commencement of any development projects,
  3. Conservation and promotion of occupation, language and tradition of tribal communities such as Rajee, Sonaha and Baadi, 
  4. Provide priority to female, children and old people while preparing disaster management and mitigation strategy,
  5. Management of fishing practices by allocating certain part of the river as fishing area in a way that does not affect river ecosystem and the fish diversity,
  6. Prohibit use of poison, electric current and explosives for the purpose of fishing, and 
  7. Request central government to put forward an interaction program with the concerned authority, to identify alternative means of livelihood of local people residing near Karnali River and formulate policy needed.

The news of the round table is here:

नेपाल वातावरणा पत्रकार समूह(नेफेज)ले यही जुलाई १२ मा बागमती प्रदेशको चितवनमा गर्न लागेको ‘मिडिया वर्कसप अन नेचुरल रिसोर्स म्यानेजमेन्ट एण्ड ग्रीन ग्रोथ’ पत्रकारहरुको खोजी ।