Expert Members

  • Published Date : March 13, 2019

1. Bisnu Prasad Acharya
Forestry, Dristrict  Forest Office Udayapur, 9857060846(C), 9845165283(R), [email protected], [email protected]

2. Bhumi Raman Nepal
Forest Activist, Batawaran Sarokar Samaj, Dhading, 9841619431(C)

3. Batu Krishna Upreti
Climate Change Expert, 01-4601159 (R), 9841278643 (C), [email protected]

4. Bijaya Raj Paudyal
Former Director General, Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, 01-4991506 (R), 9841550066 (M), [email protected]

5. Dr. Binod Bhatta 
Expert, 9851083302, [email protected]

6. Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti
Expert, 9851075448, [email protected]

7. Er. Drona Raj Ghimire
Environmental Engineer, World Bank, Nepal Country Office. 01-4226792 (O), 01-5543265  (R), 9841307302 (C), [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

8. Dr. Dharam R. Uprety
Thematic Lead, Climate and Resilience, 9851161345(C), [email protected]

9. Dr. Deep Narayan Shah
Assistant Professor, TU, 9841398083(C), [email protected]

10. Dr. Deependra Joshi
Climate Change, Disaster Management, UNDP, 9851110280(C), [email protected]

11. Ghambhir Bahadur Hada
 Economist, 01-4228414 (R), 9849827531 (C), [email protected]

12. Dr. Hum Bahadur Gurung
Tourism and Protected Area Expert/Chief Executive Officer, Bird Conservation Nepal, 01-4379025 (R), 9851113869(C), [email protected]

13. Juddha Bahadur Gurung
Environmental Export, 01-4469462 (R), 9851002274 (C), [email protected], [email protected]

14. Jyoti Baniyan
Lawyer, Aviyan law form, Bagabazar, Kathmandu, 4891733 (R), 9851058755(C), [email protected]

15. Karun Thapa
CEO Silvergate Software, 9851001446 (C),[email protected]

16. Dr. Keshav Raj Kanel
Resource Economist and Policy Analyst,  01-4432447 (R) 9851078314 (C), [email protected]

17. Madhu Devi Ghimire
Department of Botani , 9851136734 (C),[email protected]

18. Manjit Dhakal
Climate Change Expert, 9851079085(C),[email protected]

19. Nagendra Lamsal
Lawer, 9841440781(C),[email protected]

20. Dr. Ravi Sharma Aryal
Wild Life Lawyer, Water and Energy Commission, 01-4332147; 2023564  (O), 01-4108681 (R),  9841332293 (C),  [email protected]

21. Raju Man Manandhar
Senior Divisional Engineer, 01-5533311 (R), 9841251341 (C), [email protected]

22. Rajendra Narsingh Suwal
Wildlife Expert, WWF Nepal, 01-4256529 (O), 01-4252417 (R), 9851074300 (C) [email protected]

23. Raju Pandit Chhetri
 Climate Change Network Nepal, 01-4383634, 9841184488, [email protected]

24. Ramu Subedi
Environment Expert, Thapathali, 9851034720(C), [email protected]

25. Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha
Chairman and Principal Consultant, Clean Development Consultant (CDC), P.O Box. 4542, Ktm, 01-4240295 (O), 01-  4258493 (O), 01-4254944 (F), 01-4220231 (R), 9851084015 (C), [email protected], [email protected],

26. Shailendra Pokharel
Wetland Expert, 01-4771563 (R), 9841698227 (C), [email protected]

27. Sunil Raj Upreti
Advocate, 9841224798(C),

28. Suvas Chandra Devkota
Forest Expert, 9841392922(C), [email protected]

29. Shringa Rishi Kafle
Advocate, 9841552974(C), [email protected]

30. Dr. Shambhu Prasad Kattel 
Expert, 9851206966(C), [email protected]

31. Sarita Gyawali
Wildlife Expert, 9851106793(C), [email protected]

32. Dr. Tatwa Prasad Timilsaina
Executive Director, Institute of Cultural Affairs Nepal, Kathmandu, 01-2043024 (O), 01-2050104 (R), 9851038280 (C),  \  [email protected]

33. Dr. Yamuna Ghale
Food and Agriculture Expert, 9851065738(C), [email protected]

नेपाल वातावरणा पत्रकार समूह(नेफेज)ले यही जुलाई १२ मा बागमती प्रदेशको चितवनमा गर्न लागेको ‘मिडिया वर्कसप अन नेचुरल रिसोर्स म्यानेजमेन्ट एण्ड ग्रीन ग्रोथ’ पत्रकारहरुको खोजी ।