Development project to consider environmental impact: CM Shahi

SURKHET – Chief Minister of Karnali Province Mahendra Bahdur Shahi has said that everyone should be aware about the environmental challenges that would appear in the coming days.

At a ‘media debate on environment’ organized by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists, Minister Shahi stressed that everyone should be aware about environmental impact. “Many countries have already done work for the next 50 years by becoming aware about the environmental challenges that will appear in the future,” said the chief minister, giving the examples of developed countries. “Like other countries we should also work towards averting the negative environmental impact that will appear on the earth.”

Saying that many Nepali people are still not concerned about future environmental challenges, Minister Shahi said everyone should think about the environmental issues and lend support to cope with the challenges. He said Karnali Province government should invite environment specialists and work by launching project to moderate impact.

He also informed about the provincial government’s plan to establish a high-tech nursery and the policy that required each household to compulsorily raise 10 trees. Stressing on the need to seek solution to resolve environmental problems, Minister Shahi said the people should be educated about the issues.

He pointed out that, instead of just a fashion and way to get certificate, the education should be practical that encourages people to be innovative to resolve the challenges. He claimed that Karnali will be known as a rich province in terms of natural resources and means. He said that the province should create ways for financial incomes by utilizing the rich natural resources.

At the program, Karnali Province Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Nanda Sindh Budha said the province government will make arrangement for conducting study on the possible impact to environment before launching any physical infrastructure project.

He informed that the ministry has been working to enact Environment Act that will have a mandatory provision for environmental impact assessment before initiating any development project. He said the province will establish a separate body on environment.

Chairman of Karnali Province Natural Resources Committee and Province Assembly member Amar Bahadur Thapa said the committee will hold discussion with the government in order make the issue of environmental impact systematic. He said that every citizen should be aware about the problems caused by environmental degradation and for that experts of concerned field should spread the information to the lower level.

Natural Resources and Means Committee member and provincial lawmaker Sushila Shahi said they will raise voices for formulating policies that will make people aware about seeking solution to the problems caused by environmental impact.

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